TG-300 diesel locomotive.

TG300-01 diesel locomotive with passenger train.


The experimental two-engine diesel locomotive TG300 was built in 1961 by German company "MaK Maschienenbau Kiel". It was designed for usage in freight and passenger service in Soviet Union.

The streamlined welded body of the engine was very similar to American EMD F-unit and Swedish M61 (also known as Di3), but not typical for Russian locomotives. The driver cabins were located at both ends of the unit. Air compressors and tanks were located in front of the driver`s cab, in a small outstanding part of locomotive`s body.

There were two 12-cylindric four-cycle diesel engines (type MD655, produced by Maybach company) installed at TG300-unit. The draught power of the engine was transferred to all axes by hydraulic transmission and cardan shafts.

Each diesel engine provided a maximum power output of 1100 kW at 1500 rpm, but due to transmission characteristics, this power couldn`t be used fully.

The automatic engine control system was made using magnetic logical elements. The train driver operated the engines and hydraulic transmission by controller, which had the reverser ("fwd", "0", "back") and the main ("0" and 16 running positions) handles.

TG300-unit was equipped with Knorr-type brake system, which could be used in different modes for freight and passenger trains. The electrical control of brake systems was available too.

In addition, there were installed power batteries with 20-kW generator, four air tanks fed by two compressors, heating and automatic fire system. Unit could be equipped with 10700 litters of fuel, 2000 litters of water, 830 kg of engine and transmission oil and 800 kg of sand. Weight of fully equipped unit was about 112 tons. Locomotive`s length was about 22 meters, width - 3,14 meters and height - 4,5 meters.

First test run of TG-300-01 took a place in Germany (Hamburg - Harburg - Kirchweiss line) in January 1962. In two months the locomotive was sent to Soviet Union, where it was tested with short freight and passenger trains. Until August 1963 TG-300-01 was hauling passenger trains between Tallinn and Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

Andrey Afanassenko

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